Agile development methodology is the process of developing a software product through incremental changes and iterations; in order to ensure that it gets created faster, and more efficiently.

Agile methodology allows different teams to work on a project simultaneously, to constantly keep testing the changes that have been made. This makes it possible to develop products that are in-line with the client's requirements, and still flexible enough to be changed or modified according to dynamic, real-time changes in the business environment.

Our Agile development methodology framework, StarSmart is based on optimizing two critical aspects of production; people and processes. It has the following advantages over traditional development methods:


It is Simple and does not have any added overheads. It is flexible enough to be adapted into any production scenario.

It integrates Metrics that can measure cost of development, time-to-market, product quality and other success determinants; in order to enhance productivity.

Based on the SCRUM methodology, it embodies Agile development characteristics like frequently delivering working software and being able to incorporate changes even in later stages of development.

It is Reliable, and has to its credit, more than 1600 product releases delivered within 95% of budgeted time and cost.

This Agile methodology technique leverages many proprietary and open source Tools for management, design, code review and reporting, integrated build and deployment, test automation and reporting, knowledge management, and project management.

Gone are the days when a company manufactured / created all pieces of the product. The quest for higher profitability has pushed many organizations to make their production and supply chains as flexible and modular as possible, whereby independent pieces of a product and / or their processes can be decoupled and sourced from cheaper markets.

In such situations, success calls for frequent and close collaboration between vendors and their customer organizations.

StarSmart reduces development cost and enhances productivity through improved processes. This gives organizations a chance to stretch their research and development budget, to deliver more market-ready products that give higher returns on investment.

StarSmart lets organizations take their products to the market much faster and create competitive advantage. The shorter revenue realization lets them achieve more with less investment of capital.

With StarSmart, organizations do not need to manage staffing peaks and troughs. We manage the ebb and flow of quality and skilled manpower resources; so organizations can focus on product management and marketing.

Adapting to Agile development methodology is the right step forward for organizations that aim to develop products which lead to a significant strategic advantage.